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Journal sections:
  • nondestructive testing and diagnostics of material properties and their degradation in use;
  • mechanics of strength, damage, wear and fracture of materials throughout the product lifecycle, from design to withdrawal;
  • the relation of the structure and phase composition to the physical-mechanical properties of materials in use under extreme conditions;
  • evaluation of the service life of technical objects and prediction of their durability, reliability and survivability, longevity testing, examination of fracture;
  • scientific foundations for material design and development of effective technologies of making machine parts and structures, including those to be operated under extreme conditions


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RSCI 0.42


MRDMS 2023
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Founder:  Institute of Engineering Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch)
Chief Editor:  S.V. Smirnov
When citing, it is obligatory that you refer to the Journal. Reproduction in electronic or other periodicals without permission of the Editorial Board is prohibited. The materials published in the Journal may be used only for non-profit purposes.
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