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2020 Issue 2

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N. B. Pugacheva, T. M. Bykova


DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2020.2.038-060

The results of studying various boriding methods are presented, as well as an analysis of the structure and properties of boride coatings on steels of different chemical compositions. The features of the formation of these coatings and possible types of defects in them are analyzed. The results of studying the protective properties of boride coatings of different chemical and phase compositions are shown.

Acknowledgments: The work was performed under the state assignment, theme No. AAAA-A18-118020790145-0.

Keywords: coating, borides, microhardness, plastic deformation, diffusion


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Article reference

Pugacheva N. B., Bykova T. M. A Study of Boriding Methods, An Analysis of the Structure and Properties of the Obtained Coatings // Diagnostics, Resource and Mechanics of materials and structures. - 2020. - Iss. 2. - P. 38-60. -
DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2020.2.038-060. -
URL: http://eng.dream-journal.org/issues/2020-2/2020-2_285.html
(accessed: 06/22/2024).


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