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2017 Issue 4

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A. N. Shubina, N. A. Babailov


DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2017.4.006-015

The paper reports on the results of modeling the swaging of hollow preforms in a multi-die forging unit. The deformation of a continuously cast hollow preform produced by casting-deformation modules to be rolled, e.g. in multi-roll mills, is studied. To estimate the adequacy of the theoretical model of forming in the deformation of the hollow preform, we studied the deformation of the preform on model materials, particularly, with the use of lead. Critical strain is determined, i. e. the strain at the moment of hollow closing to obtain a solid billet. The main parameters affecting critical reduction are the initial geometry of the hollow ingot and the relative feed of the ingot into the dies. The ingots are deformed on a special experimental 8-die unit providing a closed deformation zone in the whole interval when the dies close up. The device is designed to model swaging of preforms made of a model material, up to 45 mm in diameter. The deformation is performed by radial swaging with displacement. The processing of the experimental data by regression analysis offers the values of the coefficients of approximating equations for the obtained experimental data. The experimental data are compared with the calculation results for a mathematical model of hollow ingot deformation, based on Kolmogorov’s variational method. The use of the Fisher criterion demonstrates a good agreement of the measurement results with the theoretical data obtained from mathematical models.

Keywords: continuously cast ingot, multi-die unit, swaging, modeling material, critical reduction


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Article reference

Shubina A. N., Babailov N. A. Modeling of Radial Foring of a Hollow Ingot in Multiple Die Units // Diagnostics, Resource and Mechanics of materials and structures. - 2017. - Iss. 4. - P. 6-15. -
DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2017.4.006-015. -
URL: http://eng.dream-journal.org/issues/2017-4/2017-4_147.html
(accessed: 06/22/2024).


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