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2017 Issue 2

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P. N. Petrova, O. V. Gogoleva, A. G. Argunova, A. L. Fyodorov


DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2017.2.053-065

The paper analyzes the scientific, technical and patent information to select promising polymer and composite materials for products with increased reliability and durability intended for operation in Arctic regions, as well as technologies for their production that provide a high technical level of performance and competitiveness.

Keywords: polymer, polymeric composite material, frost resistance, wear resistance, friction coefficient


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Article reference

Analysis of the Scientific, Technical and Patent Literature in the Field of Creation of Frost-Resistant Polymeric Materials / P. N. Petrova, O. V. Gogoleva, A. G. Argunova, A. L. Fyodorov // Diagnostics, Resource and Mechanics of materials and structures. - 2017. - Iss. 2. - P. 53-65. -
DOI: 10.17804/2410-9908.2017.2.053-065. -
URL: http://eng.dream-journal.org/issues/2017-2/2017-2_137.html
(accessed: 06/22/2024).


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