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Yu. N. Dragoshanskii, V. I. Pudov


The paper studies the influence of the crystal structure on the form and behavior of magnetic domains and on the electromagnetic properties of anisotropic electrical steel based on the Fe-3 % Si alloy with a (110) [001] texture. The physical mechanisms of the rearrangement of the domain type and dynamics during magnetization and stretching of magnetic triple crystallites of various sizes and orientations are considered; the conditions for achieving minimum magnetic losses and an increase in magnetic induction under specified conditions of their magnetization reversal are determined.

Acknowledgements: The work was performed within the state assignment on the subjects of Magnet (No. AAAA-A18-118020290129-5) and Diagnostics (No. AAAA-A18-118020690196-3) and supported by a UB RAS Program project.

Keywords: anisotropic Fe-3 % Si alloy, crystal structure, domains, magnetic propertiesions of their magnetization reversal Fe-3% Si, crystal structure, domains, magnetic properties.


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