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O. A. Nefedova, V. B. Vykhodets


The work summarizes the application of online nuclear reaction analysis to the study of deuterium diffusion in materials. Two types of the internal diffusion source formed by the mechanism of ion implantation are considered. In one case, a deuterium solid solution is formed in the sample during implantation; in the other case, deuteride is formed. The formulation of the diffusion boundary value problem and the analytical solution are written for both cases. Simulation calculations are carried out and a criterion is constructed for identifying the diffusion source type and choosing an adequate scheme of experimental data processing. The application of the criterion in the study of deuterium diffusion in nickel and sodium samples is described.

Acknowledgements: The work was performed within the state assignment from FASO Russia (theme Spin, No. 01201463330) and partially supported by RFBR (project No. 17-03-00101).

Keywords: deuterium diffusion, internal source, deuterium solid solution, deuteride, nuclear reaction analysis, diffusion boundary value problem, analytical solution


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