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I. V. Blinov


The influence of heat treatment on the phase composition and magnetic properties of single-layer Ni-Fe-Mn films are investigated. Samples of (Ni80Fe20)60Mn40(50nm)/Ta (5nm) were prepared by direct current magnetron sputtering on glass substrates. It is shown that annealing leads to a phase separation of the fcc solid solution of Ni-Fe-Mn on permalloy and manganese. In annealed samples, when the sample is cooled in a magnetic field, unidirectional anisotropy is formed due to the exchange interaction of the ferromagnetic regions of Ni80Fe20 and the antiferromagnetic regions of Mn. The exchange bias of the magnetic hysteresis loop is Hex = 317 Oe.

Acknowledgements: The work was done within the frame of the state assignment on the subject “Spin”, No. АААА-А18-118020290104-2, and project No. 18-10-2-37 of the UB RAS Program. Magnetic measurements were made on the equipment of the magnetic measurement department of the Test Center of Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials collective use center; X-ray studies were conducted in the X-ray analysis department of the TC NAM collective use center.

Keywords: phase separation, Ni-Fe-Mn alloy, permalloy, manganese, unidirectional anisotropy


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