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S. V. Burov, Yu. V. Khudorozhkova


A set of physical and mechanical properties of the U13 steel depending on the morphology of the excess hypereutectoid cementite phase has been revealed. Excess cementite is represented by globules with uniform or layered distribution, by Widmanstätten type needles and by a cementite network. Samples with layer distribution of globular excess cementite demonstrate a better set of strength and plasticity, whereas the worst set of properties are characteristic of samples with a cementite network. The investigated magnetic properties can serve as a basis for the development of methods for electromagnetic testing of excess cementite morphology and the level of strength of hypereutectoid steels after thermomechanical treatment.

Keywords: cementite, cementite network, Widmanstätten cementite, hypereutectoid steel, structure


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