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V. E. Gromov, K. V. Morozov, Yu. F. Ivanov, K. V. Aksenova,  O. A. Peregudov, A. P. Semin


By optic and transmission electron microscopy, the regularities of the transformation of structural-phase states, the defective substructure of the rail surface layer to the depth of 10 mm under long-term operation (passed gross tonnage 500 and 1000 mln ton) are determined. In the initial state the structure is presented by perlite grains with predominantly lamellar morphology, grains of a ferrite-carbide mixture and structurally free ferrite grains. It is shown that operation of rail steel is accompanied by a complete failure of lamellar pearlite grains in the 15 μm thick surface layer and the formation of a ferrite-carbide mixture with nano-size particles. The strain-induced transformation of steel leads to the increase in the scalar and excessive density of dislocations, the curvature-torsion value of the crystal lattice and the amplitude of internal stress fields.

Keywords: structure, phase composition, surface, rails, operation, dislocation density


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